Established in 2015 Beerbowser® is proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated.  

Designed to replicate petrol bowsers from the early 1960's, a Beerbowser® is a must have for any MAN or LADY CAVE, WORKSHOP, GARAGE, SPORTS CLUBROOMS etc.

Impress your friends or clients with a CUSTOM DESIGNED or COMPANY BRANDED Beerbowser®.   Beerbowsers® are a unique and excellent talking point for PROMOTIONAL EVENTS

Beerbowsers® can be made in any design of your choice such as Shell, Europa, BP, Texaco, Ford, Holden, Chevrolet, MoPar, Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam; any beer, wine or spirit brand.  For the homebrew enthusiast your own beer, wine or spirit brand.  For businesses and companies of any size, your own business or company branding.  Or anything you want.  You tell us, we'll make it.

Our graphic design team will work with you on your design requirements to ensure you get exactly what you want.  Once you have approved the graphics we can start making it.


All Beerbowsers® come with a 12 month warranty. 

DISCLAIMER: Beerbowser® does not promote our products by brand.  All beerbowsers® displayed on this website have been custom made by customer request and are not marketed specifically by brand.  The images are only examples.

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